A workshop in Seria

I was curiously surprised when my friends from the Toastmasters club asked me if I would like a conduct a workshop for kids in “Syria.” What a profound initiative and a human endeavor to go out and help kids in the war-stricken country, and I was going to be a part of it! My thoughts were … Continue reading A workshop in Seria

A car accident

It had just drizzled that afternoon. The roads were wet but not drenched with water. John was driving on the highway towards Gadong. Traffic was thin. Somewhere near the DST tower, John’s car was hit from behind, more on the right corner. On impact, the car turned 180 degrees and it faced oncoming traffic.  Seeing a … Continue reading A car accident

Peranakan food @Chill-V

Go For: Ipoh white coffee and Peranakan Cuisine As you step your inside the chill-V restaurant in Times Square mall, the first thing you notice is the typical tea-house setting and décor: Marble-top tables and tea-house style brown polished low stools. Of course there are sofa seats too, for those who desire more comfortable seating. Interestingly … Continue reading Peranakan food @Chill-V

A typical toastmaster’s meeting

Toastmaster is an international organisation which has programs to develop communication and leadership skills. A highlight of Toastmaster’s club is their meetings- weekly, bi-monthly or monthly depending on the club.  A toastmaster’s meeting has a definite structure. The link below provides in-depth understanding of a typical meeting structure and roles various members perform. learn-script-learn-confidence/   Continue reading A typical toastmaster’s meeting

Wendy, Evelyn and Alice: The Helpful Help Professionals

Read For:  Professional Helpers, Maids’ Life, Live and Let Live Filipino maids have earned their reputation as trustworthy, reliable and honest. Being a maid is a worthy profession in Singapore and many countries. Specific skills and experience are required to obtain the job for a maid’s work visa. The maids undertake responsibilities such as caring … Continue reading Wendy, Evelyn and Alice: The Helpful Help Professionals